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About Partylab.AI

Ava Ibanez (AI) and Misha Leybovich (ML) began co-hosting AI dinner parties in a small apartment in Chelsea, NYC in mid 2023, just one month into dating. Intrigued by the personalization capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs), we wanted a learning project that was fun, social, and delicious.


What started as a small-scale experiment blossomed into a full-fledged company. As we witnessed excited enthusiasm, cherished memories, and meaningful connections sparked by our innovative approach, we expanded to other formats to craft more unforgettable human experiences. is pioneering “AI for fun” and leading AI event planning. We leverage creative applications of cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized, immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. Contact us if you want your own memorable and brag-worthy event.

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